We are privileged to own this iconic property and extend a very warm welcome to share the views and farm experience in a private and non-commercial environment. To enhance this experience, the following T & C’ss apply. DPH reserves the right to deny admission to this private property.



Entry & Exit to DPH is via a tollgate, using a pre-purchased online unique code and valid for one day only.
Is limited to vehicles with no more than 7 passengers, including children.
Strictly no commercial tourist operators, minivans, buses or commercial activities (trespass notices and fines enforced).
No Hikers, No Cyclists, – these activities interfere with animal interaction.
No Commercial Photography. No commercial image taken on DPH can be used for any commercial purpose.
Entry is limited to 80 cars per day.
Is via a 5km single lane, unsealed road, and in places steep, so drivers need to be confident. A self-drive experience with no active supervision.
No camping or overnight stays.
No Dogs or pets on the property.
Drivers must hold a current driver’s license and are responsible for their own car insurance. (Visitors renting cars should check their insurance to cover driving on a private, unsealed road).
All guests enter at their own risk, and DPH accepts no liability.



No off-road access or 4WD driving, Strictly no off-road access or entry through farm gates. Vehicles must stay on the designated road indicated on the map.
Follow and Obey all signs as a working farm and hazards do exist.
No shooting or hunting.
No Drones, this is illegal as within the airport boundary.
Respect for all animals and farm property is required.



Complete Fire ban“ No fires, no smoking, no naked flame or use of BBQ’s or gas cookers. There can be an extreme fire danger with only one exit route. In the event of a fire move to an area safely call 111 ask for Fire & Emergency and leave the property if able.

Serious Accident or injury call 111 and ask for Ambulance.

Duty Manager Please call 0508 333 775 if help is required while visiting the Park.

Children must be actively supervised, particularly around animals and water. (Tarns)

Drive to the conditions,  observe the speed limit, a single lane, unsealed hilly road. Uphill, traffic gives way to downhill traffic.

When feeding animals, get out of your car, place sheep nuts on an extended flat palm, and stay away from the rear end of the animals as they can kick. Move slowly and quietly.

Weather At 800 meters high it can be cold, we suggest warm clothes and sensible shoes.

Please report any accidents or incidents that may occur to Management by email or phone. info@deerparkheights.com or 0508 333 775.



In the event of snow on the road or very inclement weather DPH reserves the right to close the Deep Park and cancel bookings. Guests will be advised via Email and TXT, and a full refund will be given.

In the event of a rare Farm activity that may mean closing DPH, we reserve the right to cancel a booking. Guests will be advised via TXT and email, and a full refund will be given.

If you are required to cancel your booking for any reason. Please login to your account at booking.deerparkheights.co.nz/my-bookings and follow the steps to cancel. You will be provided a refund less your booking and credit card fee.


Donkeys are the friendliest of our mammals at Deer Park, they love sheep nuts and a scratch on the head. You may see a family of Donkeys as well as some larger horses which are Mules. The Mules are a mixture of a Miniature horse and Donkey, the perfect mix! Donkeys are known for their intelligence. A donkey will stop and assess a new situation and think about its choices before making a decision on what action to take. These Donkeys are very friendly and will let you feed them by hand.