How do I access deer park heights? 

To visit Deer Park Heights, you need to head to our website to book. Select your day you would like to travel and follow the steps. You will be sent an access code in your booking confirmation for you to enter at the toll gate at arrival and exiting. The entrance is 4km from the start of Peninsula Road.

How long can I stay up there? 

You can stay for an hour or the whole day! Your access code is valid between opening hours on your booking date. Opening hours are 7 am – 10 pm in summer, and 7 am – 7 pm in winter.

What happens if I need help while I’m up visiting? 

You can call the duty manager on 0508 333 775 if you require help.

Can I cancel my booking on the day or day prior if the weather is bad? 

If you require to cancel your booking for any reason. Please login to your account at booking.deerparkheights.co.nz/my-bookings and follow the steps to cancel. You will be refunded your booking cost.

How do you feed the animals? 

As you drive up the road, purchase a tin of sheep nuts ($2.00 coin) from one of the two green sheep nut dispensers. Stop to feed the pigs, goats, donkeys and miniature horses as you see them. There are some tame deer you can hand feed. While we try to keep the animals nearby, they often wonder off, particularly during the hot summer days. The animals respond to rattling the nuts in the tin; it may take some time for them to come. 

When feeding the animals, keep your hand open and flat and watch children around crowding animals. It is advisable to get out of the car to feed the animals.

Am I able to take my wedding guests to get images up Deer Park Heights or take pictures for professional use? 

No. We have decided to keep deer Park Heights open to the public with no commercial activity to preserve the experience. There is to be no commercial activity allowed during your venture.

What type of vehicles are allowed on the road? 

Access is limited to vehicles with no more than 7 passengers, including children. Strictly no commercial tourist operators, minivans, buses or commercial activities (trespass notices and fines enforced). 2WD and 4WD drive cars can travel up to the summit.



Donkeys are the friendliest of our mammals at Deer Park, they love sheep nuts and a scratch on the head. You may see a family of Donkeys as well as some larger horses which are Mules. The Mules are a mixture of a Miniature horse and Donkey, the perfect mix! Donkeys are known for their intelligence. A donkey will stop and assess a new situation and think about its choices before making a decision on what action to take. These Donkeys are very friendly and will let you feed them by hand.